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Towards an integrated marine Carbon sources and sinks assessment

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CARBOOCEAN Data and Information Services – cross cutting acitivity

The CARBOOCEAN Information Services provides for the ready access of all CARBOOCEAN data and information to CARBOOCEAN researchers, the international science community, industry, educators, media, and the public in a timely manner. This is achieved through the coordinated actions of the Services Center and the CARBOOCEAN overall management that implement common standards and effective mechanisms for the collection and availability of CARBOOCEAN related data and information. Major data types to be managed are monitoring data, VOS data, model data, and historical data.

Specific objectives are to provide access to all CARBOOCEAN data and information in a timely and efficient manner organise dataflow between the themes and working groups on an as needed base perform quality control and consistency checks on all data and metadata harmonisation and assimilation of data, support for data processing and synthesis longterm archiving, publication, and distribution of data according to international content standards and protocols

Main expected results are high availability, consistency, and quality of data needed in the project Efficient access to all types of information through implementation of a web-based portal (one stop shopping) Scalable user interfaces serving the needs of different stakeholders Widespread dissemination after projects end

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